Friday, January 7, 2011

A clear start

At the beginning of a year “dieting” is the thing to do at least that is what the media has us to believe.  I decided last year that I was officially done “dieting” and wanted to continue with life changes rather than the on and off again dieting road.

In 2007 I received a certification to become a Health Coach where I work with individuals/groups/families to build a healthier foundation for their lives. Incorporating  primary food; relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity and secondary food; what, when and how you eat. When these two are balanced you are able to live your life to the full potential.

The Wellness Club by T was started with a few of my friends who wanted to lose weight. Since I have tons of information on how to do this and I plan on trying wedding dresses on soon... I wanted a place for us to work on achieving all the goals we have for ourselves.

On this journey together we will not only lose the weight, but increase our energy and balance our life. Outside of being a health coach I am a behaviorist and data is very important so every other week we will be weighting in and keeping track of how much we have lost. Also monthly we will check in on the progress we have made in all areas of our life. Also as a behaviorist, accountability is very important so that is where the blog comes in. It will hold us accountable to losing the weight and it gives us a place we can track the steps and the progress we have made.

Feel free to join us in this journey by posting comments and letting us know your goals and how you are doing as well! 

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